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The Voodoohanks

Voodoo Hanks 1999

JLS,Sake & Voodoo Hanks CD 0515

This CD was recorded after our first Tour with John Lee Sanders in 1998. The Voodoohanks performed at some Clubs and Festivals in Gemany. We had so much fun on the road, playing some New Orleans Standards like "Iko, Iko" "Pockey Way" and John Lee's original compositions, that we decided to record some of them in the studio. After that we started to work with SAKE and recorded our first night at the Smaragd and released both on the CD. A strange mixture and maybe a little weird sometimes, but you can feel the magic of that time in the music.


World of Blue

World of Blue

Sake & Voodoohanks ATS CD-0539

A package full of Blues und New Orleans Grooves with Sake and the Voodoohanks recorded in November 2001 at azmas.M Studio by Gerald Landschützer. On this CD you'll find mostly original Compositions of SAKE, Hans-Georg Gutternigg and Frank Folgmann. It also contains some rare Videoclips from the Band performing ath the "Spinnerei" in Traun/Austria.